What do you think?

First term is over. It's time to think and evaluate it. Your opinion is very important to make any changes if necessary. So please, write your opinion commenting on the following items:
a) What do you think of
1. this new subject?
2. the book
3. the photocopies
4. the blog
5. the speaking practice done in class
6. the listening practice done in class
7. the oral exams (both speaking and listening)
b) Suggest any activity you would like to do next term.
c) Comment on any other aspect you like related to the subject.


  1. Hi people!
    We know that the first term is over. Now we have to rest all the hollidays, so you shoul be good and doesn't give us homeworks.
    In my opinion the new subject is great, is funny and we can use in our lives. I don't have opinion of the book, it's useful and I like the listenings, but in the exam he listening was a little complicate. I confess that I don't like the photocopies but I know that we need to know phonetic. I love when we speak in english about any thing because we learnd a lot of. The listening in class could be more difficult if we do the listening for exam to the english book instead to Speak Out. I liked the projects (watch the projects to my classmates, and to do my project) it's so funny because nobody send us a project thus.
    I don't know what to say about the activity to the next term, but I promisse to think in holidays and write another comment.

    Finally, I like this subject =)

  2. Hi!
    In my opinion the new subjet is a few funny and we can use in your lives. The book is easy and very short but is useful.The photocopies are very useful and the blog help us to communicate with the members or this subjet.I like when we speak in english. The listening we done in class is easy but the listening of the exam is very difficult.I thing we go to more excursions.
    Finally I like this subjet.

  3. Hello!!
    In my opinion, this subject is useful because the English is very important nowdays.
    The book is good but I would use other book in the future because, perhaps, the listenings are too much easy.
    I like the photocopies, I consider that are a good activity to improve the pronunciation.The photocopies exercises help me a lot.
    The blog is a good way to control that we do the homeworks.
    I think that is a very good idea start the lessons speaking about our weekends and also practise listenings in class.
    The speaking exam was activity very fun but also hard.I have learnt a lot with this work.
    The listening exam was a bit difficult for me. I haven't had a good result but the next exam I wiil have better mark.
    I suggest play "English Trivial".This play would consit in:each person make questions about English culture and one day everybody play together.The winner group will have a positive, for example.
    I think this subject help us a lot because we will learn speak in English but also to express our ideas and learn to be independent.

    Kiss and... Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    Marta Martínez

  4. hello!!!
    1) In my opinion this new subject is very interesting, and it helps us fot the selectivity.
    2) The book is good, but the classes that we use it seems lon, but we have to use.
    3) I like them, although sometimes are difficult.
    4) The blog is a good way to practice listening, ,writting, ...
    5) I really like it!
    6)I don´t like so much, but I don´t mind doing them.
    7)I like more speaking exam than the listening exam.
    b) I had thought that each one or in groups choose a country or city and prepare something like an exhibition of the country or city( musci, dance, tradition,...)
    c) I like this subject because this part of this language is very important in working life. And because I like English.

    kisses. Merry christmas!!

  5. a)1. It's very useful to learn pronunciation and for hear listening better.
    2. It was very difficult to find it in book shops, but is a good book.
    3. The photocopies are a good idea, because we don't want to buy the teacher's book of pronunciation.
    4. It has a lot of exercises for practise at home.
    5. They are very funny and interesting
    6. They listenings are easy but VERY VERY VERY VERY LONG. ;)
    7. Both are easy to pass and the expositions are very funny see.
    b)Use more the computers,see any film in english or sing songs.
    c) That is a very useful and funny subject where you learn to speak in english.

    ¡Good Bye, Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!

    Javier and Alfredo.

  6. a)1.The subject is very interesting serves us to declare better the English.
    2.The book is enough good, and what more us pleases it they are the listening.
    3.The photocopies have helped us very much with the pronunciation of the english.
    4.The blog is interesting though it takes us time of other subjects and we think that we should realize these activities in class.
    5.We have liked the speaking although we should do more to improve our pronunciation.
    6.The listening have not been very complicated, though in the examination it raised the level. We should practise them more to improve.
    7.The oral work has been what more us has pleased the subject, we amuse ourselves very much and want more works of this type.
    b)The activity that we would like to do would be a play in English.
    c)We like because this subject helps us prepare the selectivity and changes the way of teaching with different activities that it does that we are interested.
    By: Rebeca, Saray and Andrea

  7. Hello!
    1) I really like it! It´s different and usefull because we need to speak more in English.

    2)To be honest, the book it´s a little boring. Althoug the listenings that we do with the book are good.

    3)They are new and for me, are perfect!

    4)The blog is a very good idea! It help us to improve our writing and we used the grammar that we learn in the other English class.

    5)Sometimes it´s difficult to speak in English but the activities that we do are good!

    6) I don´t like the listenings. However, I think that they aren´t so difficult.

    7)The exams are o.K.! Speaking exam is very good because it´s a different way to do an exam.

    8)I would like to listening songs!!

    9)I have to say that I really like the subject!

    Merry christmas!!

  8. Hi!!
    a)I think that this subject is very important and useful because I learn to develop the oral english and english is very important for travel or work.
    In my opinion the book is well and it can work well.
    The photocopies are very good because practiced the pronuntiation.
    The blog that is a good way to work the contents of this subject and is entertaining.
    I like speaking practice in class because is a different class.
    About the listening practise I think that are good but I do not like a lot.
    Oh! The oral exams are a perfect way to evaluate the oral english and I want that the oral exams are so!

    b)In this term I want complete songs!

    c)I don’t have anything that say in this pragraph.

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  10. Hello!!
    1)In my opinion this subjest are very useful and because this subject teaches us to speak in english at in this moment speak in english is necesary around the world.
    2)My opinion about the book is thas this book are very short but we have a teacher very well and not is necesary a long book.
    3)The photocopies are very useful and explain the pronunciation very well.
    4)The blog is a zone where we can practice exercise in english in any part.
    5)I think that we practice a lot of english in class.
    6)The listening are very well.
    7)At this moment we haven't doing any oral exam but every days some people account her weekend and this exercise is useful for pactice the english oral and the fluency.
    By Tuda

  11. Hey people!!

    1. I think it is very usefull for the future.
    2. The book is quite entertaining but don´t really like.
    3. Is funny to try make the sounds of the photocopy. I like it.
    4. The blog is the best of the subject. Is the only subject where do my homework in the computer.
    5. When we talk is fun too and it seems useful to learn to pronounce.
    6. The listenings I do not like much because they are sometimes difficult.
    7. The exams are good I´m not change anything about them.