Tongue Twisters

Time for speaking practice. Watch the video and try to repeat the tongue twisters... as fast as you can... ;) This exercise will help you improve your fluency, which is very important if we don't want our listeners to fall asleep.

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  1. I laught so much with this guy!
    At first I did it well... "Rubber, baby, buggy, bumpers". But when the guy spoke more fast I laught and I couldn't...
    I want to see him saying "Tres tristes tigres..."
    It was funny

  2. Hello!
    The exercise is fun. I have happened the same that Ainhoa with those words when he has started to say more fast.It's nice to see the position of the mouth to say each sound.

  3. Hello!
    I need more exercise how it because my pronunciation isn't very well. I've been this exercise better than I hope;I've said the same than man until the sound "p"(it is impossible!).
    I will practise more.
    Marta Martínez

  4. Hi!!
    I think this exercise is very useful to me because my pronunciation is very worse. For my the sound more difficult is "p".

  5. hello!!! I practice a few because I haven´t been in Madrid and had no Internet. But these two days I have practiced the worst I get is from the P and Y. but all is practice.

  6. Hi!!
    I´ve done this exercise twice and I Laugh a lot because when the boy speake quickly, I like stupid because I couldn´t.
    For me, the sound most difficult is "p".
    I really like this exercise!!

  7. Hello !
    This exercise is really fun. I laughed a lot practicing tongue-twisters.
    For me, the sound most difficult is the sound sor "P", I think but is impossible !haha!
    For the rest the exercise is very fun and rather practical.
    Roxana Arévalo

  8. Hi, I did the exercise 5 times in the holidays but I need more practise with the sound "P" and "F". It's a very funny exercise, especially when I don't know that I say.

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  10. Hello!!
    I practise the Tongue Twisters now because my computer was broken!
    This video it's a funny way of pratice the pronunciation! The sounds principle are more easy but the last sounds have been a few difficult.
    Good bye!!

  11. Hi!!
    I don't like a lot of this exercise because is very long, but I admit that are very useful.
    The most dificult sounds for me are the "p" and not much the "v".
    By Jorge Tuda

  12. Hey Men!!

    Is completely useless to try this!!!I almost suffocate in the final part, but in the other parts I did well. This men is pretty funny

    With kind regards. Alex