LA LENTE chosen best newspaper of Madrid Community

The newspaper LA LENTE DE LORANCA, written by our school students of 4th ESO and 1st Bachillerato, has been chosen the best newspaper of the Comunity of Madrid in El País de los Estudiantes journalist-students programme. The 18 best newspapers from all the counties in Spain will attend a ceremony in El País on 22nd June. There, it will be known which three newspapers get the final prizes. We wish them good luck!

Ireland course

Next Wednesday we will meet in order to give you all the information about our course in Dublin. Remember it is at 17:00 pm in our school.
Here you have the information about our departure and arrival:

-IDA: Miércoles 22 de junio
Salida Madrid: 17:55 (Terminal 1)
Llegada Dublín: 19:30 (Hora Irlanda)

-VUELTA: Jueves 30 de junio
Salida Dublín: 13:50 (Hora Irlanda)
Llegada Madrid: 17:20 (Terminal 1)

La compañía aérea es Ryanair