Long or short?

As we have started dealing with long /:i/ and short /I/ in class, it will be interesting to practice this minimal pair. So, visit this webpage and follow the instructions below:


Click on: Minimal Pair Practice & Quizzes
Go to: Minimal Pairs - Lesson 23: eat-it, ... and START.
Use your headphones or make sure you have your speakers on.

When you finish, post a comment on our blog explainig if it was easy or difficult, if the webpage is interesting and if you will use it again on your own.



Shall we do some listening practice?

Visit this webpage:


Click on KIWI ADVENTURE. Then, on the right menu, click on Audio Slide Quizz. Play the listening (twice or three times) and try to answer the 5 questions below. Check your answers by clicking on "show score".

Practice with other listenings. Feel free to explore this web page. When you finish, come back to our blog and write a comment on it.
Thank you!

Hope you enjoy it!!

Here we have. A new blog for our new subject. This site is intended to be an extension of our classroom: a place to find different activities to help you develop your oral skills. It is a participative place: your opinion can help your classmates and you can follow the recommendations of others as well.

My intention is to provide you with different websites including different types of activities, mainly listening and pronunciation practice. After having visited them and done different activities, your opinion is welcome, so please write a short comment on any website you use. Thank you and enjoy your new blog!!