IES Barrio Loranca becomes an English bilingual school

Our school has been chosen as a new English bilingual school for the next academic year. We are not only having a new English programme but we will also keep the Frech one. Thus, students in Loranca will have to options to choose in our school: they can join the English bilingual studies or the French bilingual studies. On the whole this is a very good piece of news as languages have become a key issue in present day studies and are key to get almost any kind of job. IES Barrio Loranca will provide students with an outstanding background in languages, helping students to live in a world without frontiers in which knowing a language is substancial.
We congratulate all the teacher staff and the whole educational community in IES Loranca who have bet on languages and worked on providing this interesting offer to students. Now a new cycle starts which is filled with enthusiasm and joy. Congratulations!!