Learning from songs

As we have long bank holidays, you'll probably have time to listen and enjoy a song. I have chosen one by The Killers, and I suppose you already know it. It is called Human.

Listen to the song and try to fill in the gaps of the first paragraph of the song. Use the following words: Cut, Eyes, Heart, Kind, Line, Open, Platform, Sometimes

I did my best to notice
When the call came down the ______________(1)
Up to the ________________ (2)of surrender
I was brought but I was __________________(3)
And _________________(4) I get nervous
When I see an _______________(5) door
Close your _________________(6)
Clear your ___________________(7) ____________________(8) the cord

Check your answers and get the whole lyrics at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4jR9P9YJGo (notice the mistake: dancer -not denser).

When you have finished, add a comment on the blog answering the following questions:
a. Do you usually listen to songs in English?
b. Do you learn any vocabulary from songs in English?
c. Write the title of any song you would like to listen in class
Remember to write your name at the end of your comment.


  1. Hi,I have just done the listening, and is too easy to complete the brackets.
    a. Do you usually listen to songs in English? I sometimes listen to songs in english.
    b. Do you learn any vocabulary from songs in English? Only sometimes I learn new vocabulary.
    c. Write the title of any song you would like to listen in class. Summercat.


  2. Hi!This activity has been fun,I've understood to the singer.I've listened the song two times and all my answers have been correct.
    Hardly ever I listen English songs.
    See you soon

  3. Hello!!!This type of listening I like more than others jeje. I had all good.
    I usually hear some songs in English, like the boys does nothing by Alexa Dixon, If I Were a Boy by Beyoncé.
    Yes,I learn new vocabulary in the songs and I learn it better.

  4. Hi! I´ve jus heard the song. I´ve had only a wrong word and I´ve heard it once.
    a) Yes, I do. I like a lot of songs in English. My favourite song is "Titanic"
    b) Yes, of course. When I like a song, I try to understand all the words and I sing it.
    c) If a were a boy (Beyonce)
    Stand by me (son by for you)

    Bye, bye!!

  5. Hello!
    I've liked this activity, is very entertaining.
    It is easy for me because I haven't had any mistakes and I've done it to the first one.
    I really like. Although, I try to understand the song and your vocabulary. It's very fun.

  6. Hi!
    I can't listen the song because I'm sitting with Tuda and he put the earphones... If I catch them, he bites me.
    The 99% to my songs are in english. I usually write the name of the song in YouTube and put "Lyrics". I learn a lot of vocabulary and if i don't understand anything, I put the translade in YouTube too.
    I wish to hear in class any song to Sum 41 (like I'm in to deep), Avril Lavigne (like Innocence) or Jesse McCartney (like How do you sleep?)
    I hope that you hear the songs and like to you.
    Ainhoa González

  7. I admire what you have done here and will look forward for future updates.

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  8. Thank you very much for your comment. It encourages me to carry on. It's only two months since I started this blog and my students and I really enjoy it, so new updates will come soon.
    Hope you enjoy it too.