Short listening tests on English news

This is part of your Christmas homework. Try these short listenings about different pieces of news. There are 5 tests (click on Listening tests to open the menu). You can follow the instructions in the webpage and if they happen to be difficult, you can check the text of the listenings.
After doing all the tests, come back to our blog a post a message commenting on how difficult/easy they were.


  1. Hello!
    The listening aren't difficult but the second I couldn't do it because I can't to see the questions. The easiest are the first and third, I have done quite well and the fifth is the hardest for me.

  2. Hello!
    I've listened the listening two times and all my answers has been correct.Although for me the listening has been some difficult because it had a lot information in short time.
    Marta Martínez

  3. Hello!
    I haven´t done on holiday these listening because I hadn´t seen. But well as I do now jeje. I´ve done all listening, and I has only seem difficult the second, which I listen it a lot of time but I can´t understand it.

  4. Hello!
    The last time I only did the first listening. Today I've done the others listenings.
    The listening 2 I can listen it but the page doesn't allow me to do the questions.
    The listenig 3 I've listened one time and my results have been 9/10.
    The listening 4 I've also listened one time and all my answers have been correct.
    I haven't understood very well the listenig 5, my results have been 6/10.
    Marta Martínez

  5. Hello !
    For me, the most easily hear the 1,2 and 3. And the most difficult are the 4 and 5.
    It's hard enough to understand the listen 4 and 5 so my results are 5/8 y 4/10.
    In the listenig 1,2 and 3 my results were all correct.
    Bye !
    Kisses !
    Roxana Arévalo

  6. Hi, I did the five listenings, it wasn't very difficult because I have too much answer well, my average is the 80% of answer correct,in listening number two the questions are lose but anyway I listen it.

  7. Hi!!
    I've done the five short listenings.It wasn't very difficult but the listening number five(the video) has been a few more complicated, my mark in this listeng has been:70%.

  8. Hello!!
    I´ve already done all the listenings!
    The second listening I culdn´t do because the aswers don´t appear!
    The listening 3 is not very diffcult. I´ve 88%.
    I´m very happy because I didn´t have any mistake in the listening 4. For me, it is easy and I understand all perfectly!
    The listening 5 it´s the most difficult for me. I haven´t be able to understand all. My score was 74%
    Bye bye!!!

  9. Hi!
    I did the listenings
    I didn't like the first listening because I was not listening well.
    I had the same problem that Bea and Rebeca in the second listening because the question didn't appear.
    The last ones were so easy... I had 100%!
    By: Ainhoa

  10. Hey men!

    The listening is fairly easy. I only had 96% because in one answer press a button that I didn´t want. I did not do more because the page have a problem, I don´t get listen the second listening.

    With kind regards. Alex

  11. Hi!

    I have seen your blog and I really like it!
    It´s normal that it was chosen as a very interesting blog...!
    I have a blog too and you can sign it if you want:


  12. Hi Lorena,
    Thank you for visiting our blog. I'm glad you like it. I already know your blog. In fact, I am a followers of it. I visit it quite often to see what you have done. Congratulations for your work! and thanks for your comment!
    Alberto Hidalgo

  13. Hi, we are Oliver and Javier.

    We did the listening "COLOMBIANS DEMAND FREEDOM FOR HOSTAGES" and our average is the 82% of answer correct. It was very easy.

    Good bye.

    Oliver and Javier.

  14. Hi!
    I did the listening "Colombians demand freedom for hostager" and my average is the 73% of answer correct. I think that this listening is easy.

  15. Hello,How are you?

    We are Javier and Oliver, We do 3 listening.
    In the first two we have all the answers well, but in the third which is a bit more difficult we have only 6/10.
    Good Bye
    Oliver & Javier.