Choose a listening of your level

Here you have a webpage with a los of listening exercises classified into three levels: basic, intermediate and advance. They have many different activities. Go ahead and try firstly one listening from each level. According to your marks, decide which level is more appropriate for you and try more listenings.


When you finish doing your practice, come back to our blog and post a message with the following information:
a. the most appropriate level for you
b. the number of listenings you have done
c. the listenings you liked most


  1. Hi I have made two basic level of listening and two intermediate level. I think my level is basic but I managed to do some of the intermediate level.The listening that I liked most was to Terry’s House.
    by carlos

  2. Hello!
    I have made two listening of every level, and I think my level is medium, because in first listening I have had two incorrect answers,and the second listening one incorrect aswer.
    I have listened to every listening two times.
    The listening that I liked most is "Chocolate Therapy"

  3. Good morning!
    I did two medium level listenings and two hard level.
    I think my level is between medium and hard.
    "Steph and El Tel On Cinema" I have liked a little but no much.

    With kind regards

    by Alex

  4. Hi, I did two basic listening and two intermediate listening; I think thet my level is intermidiate because I've a lot of answers correct.
    Lucky tomorrow with the listening exam^^

  5. hello my level is low that the average level for me is more difficult, I made three listening in Stephanie's House fails just one.
    by saray

  6. Hello!
    I've done one listening of basic level and three of intermediate level.The intermediate level listenings are appropriate for me,I haven't had a lot of incorrect answers,but the exercises that you complete with words I have had more mistakes.
    I don't like any listenig especially.
    Good luck everybody in the exam tomorrow.
    Marta Martínez

  7. Hi!!
    This time, I´ve done a lot of listening. I think my level is between intermediate to advanced, because I have done the first three low level and I had all right, three of the intermediate level and I have only failed to cpmlete the text. And I have done three listening of advanced level, the best I´ve done was Innes on Bo, I had all rignt except what I have failed to fill in several words, but the other two I found difficult. One that I liked most was to Innes on Bo.
    Luck everyone in the exam tomorrow.

  8. Hello!
    I´ve done two listenings of the level intermediate and I´ve had all correct answers. Then, I´ve done two more of the level advance. In one of them I´ve had all correct answers but in the other, I´ve had a mistake.
    I think that all the listenings that I´ve done are OK.
    See you tomorrow in the exam, so good luck!

  9. Hello!
    I have done three listenings of basic level and two of intermediate level. I think my level is basic because the level intermediate I have had a mistakes.

  10. Hi!
    I've done the advance listening "Innes on English food".
    In the first part (the easily questions) I've had 4/5 correct answers. But in the difficult questions I've had 1/4 correct answers. Finally, in the transcription, I've had 9/12 correct answers.
    I must improve my general compression.
    Marta Martínez

  11. Hello.
    I've done a basic listening and I thought that it's easy for me, so I have done a intermediate listening and I have failed only in the text but I need more practice. bye-bye!

  12. Hello!
    I´ve just done an advance listening: Rob on University. In the first exercise, true or false, I've had 4/4 correct answers. In the second exercise, questions, I've had 5/5. And in the last exercise, transcription, I've had 9/15 correct answers.
    Marta Martínez

  13. Hello!
    I have just done a listening which was advantege called Bob on university, and I have done it really well, I don't hope do so well, I´ve had 20/24. At the beginning I didn´t undestand very well, but next times I undestood quite good. I like very much this page " lamansiondelingles", when I have to practise listening exercise I use this page.

    See you !


  14. Hello!
    I did the listening "Rob on Germany" the last friday in class but I couldn't write my comment. My results were 7/9 correct answers (I didn't do the transcription).

  15. Hello! I did the lsitening "Steph and El Tel On Cinema". In the first question ( type test), I had all the answers right. In the second question ( true or false), I had 4/6 and in the exercise to complete i had 15/20. I'm in the intermediate level but i think soon I will make some advanced level. Thank's and bye!

  16. hello! we are Alba and Blanca from 1ºBachillerato C we cannot do any listening because we don't have headphones :( however we visited Learning english in Brunete and we think it's a very good website that contains useful information for english students.we'll try to do some listenings at home :))) bye

  17. I made a listening and I found easy