Listen, answer, check and move on

Here you have a web page with listenings of different levels: advanced, intermediate and elementary. Please go to this particular intermediate listening, play it twice or 3 times if necessary and answer the test. After that, check your answers. Finally, come back to this blog and write a comment on the activity. Please refer to the following points in your comment:
1. Difficulty
2. Right answers
3. Times you played it
Now, if you didn't have any mistakes try an advanced listening and write another comment in the blog. If you did have some mistakes, please try an intermediate listening again and don't forget to write a comment here.


  1. Hi I I´m Sara, the advanced and intermediate listening are easy to understand

  2. Hi! I'm Alba I did a listening called ''Back to school supplies''(advanced) and my score was 100%.I listened to it 2 times before answering.

    1. Sorry!!! I made I mistake:I listened to it twice instead of ''two times'' ;)

  3. Hi ! I'm Noelia, the advanced listening which I've listened is the history about Harry and Barbara. I’ve heard three times and I've had all answers correct. I think that this level is a little difficult but this listening is very short therefore I understand it.

  4. Hi I'm Luis and listening the intermediate listening because I couldn't undestood the advanced listening. Well I listen three times the listening I really enjoyed my trip and I was right all questons

  5. hi! I'm Victoria, I have listended harry and barbara history. I listened it twice and I have had all correct. I think it's not too difficult

  6. Hello I´m Alba García, I have listened the listening avanced and I failed, then I did the listening intermediate and after having heard three times what I could do. For me it is quite complicated.

  7. Hola me llamo Elena Alcalde y e escuchado el avaced y falle en todas menos 1 entonces he echo la primera la 1 audición del intermedio y hice casi todos bien tuve un 80% bien. Se me dio bien y lo entendí bastante bien, no me resulto difícil.

  8. Hi I am Luis I have just finished three advanced listenings and I think that I did it very well.