Final project

The final project of every student last academic course was to record a video on any subject as long as the sounds practice in class were used. Here we have one of them that can be seen as a model for future videos. Some students starred this video. They did a great job as they had to write the script, practice the speech paying attention to individual sounds, linking, fluency and intelligibility and create the charming character of the deaf grandfather. Have a look at it and enjoy it.

This video was created by Ainhoa González, Alejandro Fernández, Jorge Tuda and Carlos Monroy (1st Bachillerato, 17 years old).


  1. Hello I'm a student from alcorcon, we have also a 'ampliacion de ingles' class and we like your videos a lot and we would like to recibe comments from you all.
    Our blog is http://englishinbrunete.blogspot.com

  2. hey,good work!! it´s very funny!!! i´m a member of englishinbrunete.blogspot.com,we´re a groupe of english extension and whole the class like it, i hope you´ll still upload more videos, and don´t forget to visit us, thanks;)

  3. Hello ! I´m a student from Alcorcón.
    I´ve seen your videos, and they´re great. I have a video too. My blog is: http://englishinbrunete.blogspot.com
    Kisses! :)

  4. hello!!I´m a student from Alcorcón and I´ve seen your video in class of english.
    Your video is very funny and really you have done a good work!!CONGRATULATIONS!!
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  5. Hi Erika and all your classmates from Alcorcon:
    thank you very much for your comments. My students and I have visited your blog many times and we will continue doing it because we like it.