Text reconstruction

Here you have two listening exercises which consist of writing the story you are listening to. Type your text in the Type box and the use the chech and help buttons to help you. Once you have finished, you can check your text and have a look at the solutions.
This one is easier than the second one:
This one is more difficult than the previous one because you have to write the whole text. No help is provided:

As a final activity you can listen and then read the texts several times paying attention to the sounds we have worked on in class as well as intotation and fluency.

When you have finished, come back to the blog a write a comment on the activity.


  1. Hi!
    I don't like this activity because is too long and it doesn't help me to improve my listening comprehension.
    My results have been 380/405.
    Marta Martínez

  2. Hi!!
    This activity it's Ok...but is a bit long.Even so I like the topic of this text is about. My score have been 75%. Thank's, bye-bye!

  3. Hi!
    I have done the Innes on Travelling's listening! It's so long! And I think is not very easy, I have some mistakes, but I think that I don't have a lot of mistakes,I expected more mistakes!
    See you! =)

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