CONFIDENCE is one key to learn a language

There are many key aspects when learning a language that students must bear in mind and teachers must help to accomplish. One of them is confidence. When learning a language a student must be aware of what they CAN communicate (and not of what they can´t communicate). So, it is important to learn in an atmosphere of confidence, making students feel what they know and pushing them a step forward.

Developing confidence is more important than learning new vocabulary or using a determined grammatical structure. It is the basis for a longlife language learning. It is the key to use one's knowledge of a language, making mistakes and learning from them, and also to build bridges towards new unknown areas. It is a necessary tool at any stage in the process of speaking a second language.

Confidence has played an important part in the out-of-school activity we have just done. I will comment on this activity in the following post and I will refer to confidence in it.


  1. I couldn't agree more! Confidence is key at learning a language and most of the times, until we don't take that step, we don't begin to really learn a language. Let me recommend you one of the last posts at our class blog, "Conversations in Spain" (http://bit.ly/avajRZ), in which a Spanish teacher talks precisely about being self-confident when learning English. Greetings from Brunete!!!

  2. I believe that it is totally true, the confidence is very important to learn a language and to continue forward. In addition, I think that I need to have more confidence in me itself.

  3. Hello:
    I think that is right in that to learn you have to have confidence and try to learn everything you can out of a language. I also think that teachers should do everything they can to pull people who want to learn or those who do not want to learn the language, because we like them, both languages should make that we like and what we learn, is ie, it''most beautiful'' for people to try to learn the language.

  4. I agree, Rositaa. I think you are talking about motivation, something teachers must bear in mind. A difficult task that of motivating students. I must say I try it hard but you never get the results you expect. At the same time, as a teacher, I feel motivated by some students or groups which make me work happier.
    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.